The Beach

Beach FeetLife’s a Beach

Who doesn’t love the beach? I think that is the question we need to answer here. It includes some of my favorite things: the intoxicating smell of salt water, the feeling soft sand between your toes, and sound of waves crashing. Oh my god, take me back right now. Literally, there’s something for everyone. You can do a number of water activities like swimming or surfing. Depending on the beach, snorkeling is also an option. If you don’t like getting wet, the sand can play host to a number of different activities too. You can play sports like volleyball, build sand castles or catch some rays while reading a book. I prefer to do a little bit of everything. I’ll start with a little body surfing and then move back to dry land. My mother created this habit. She didn’t want me getting swimming in the surf already tired.

Below is how we do the beach. It may not be perfect or the way others do it, but it works out well for us. I’ll start with what to bring, and I’ll end with what to do. Hopefully, it will make your next visit to the beach a memorable one. If I have left anything out, please leave a comment and let us know! We love adding items to our list.

The Bare Necessities

The first thing you always need at the beach is sun screen. If you’re a little more on the fairer side of skin like myself, you will get burned without it. Remember, overcast is a lot worse than a bright sunny day. However, this isn’t the most important tip. After a couple hours in the sun or water, you must reapply the sun screen! Otherwise, you’ll be on the end of a bad joke by getting burned. A quick side note, I cannot control the dad jokes anymore. They have taken over my sense of humor. Next on our list are towels. They dry you and give you something to lay on. There’s nothing worse than getting sand in “uncomfortable” places. We’ll leave it at that.

Third, we bring an umbrella. It provides a little bit of needed shade. It’s always nice to escape the sun for a little while. Last but not least, an ice chest full of drinks and snacks. Let’s face it, you’re not just making a pit stop at the beach. You’re going to stay there for a while. I’ll let you decide what to put on your shopping list for this one. Although, I really want to try Uber Eats on a beach day. I just need a beach closer to the road. One more pro tip is to bring a wagon made for the sand. It isn’t always on our list, but it makes carrying everything much easier, especially with little children. It can hold all of the above and more.

Fun in the Sun

Now that your toes are fully planted in the sand, you can have all the fun your heart desires. As I mentioned above, I start with the water first. With the right waves, body surfing is a blast. Even without flippers and goggles, you can still ride the waves. Plus, it is super fun when you are hanging out with friends and family. I also like to boogie board and am working my way towards surfing. I’m kicking myself for not taking my friend Tyler up on his offer. Free surf lessons are free surf lessons. As long as I am not watching Shark Week before I visit the beach, the water is an amazingly, fun place to be.

These days, the sand is just as fun as the water. As a kid, I use to dig giant holes. It was almost if I was a resident of Camp Green Lake or something. Now, I stick to working on my sand castle game. Giant holes seem a little more dangerous since I have become a parent. Also, my wonderful wife has turned me onto reading a book at the beach. So far, I’m enjoying this reading thing. After working on my tan and getting a bite to eat, I’m ready for some action. My go to sports are soccer, volleyball, and Frescobol (paddle ball). Depending on the time of day you start playing, you might even have time to cool off in the ocean. All in all, it doesn’t matter what you like to do at the beach. Having fun is the only thing that matters!

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