CruisesLet’s Go on a Cruise!

Cruises are a wonderful way to travel. It seems there’s always that one friend who brings up the idea of going on a cruise. It can be one of the best travel decisions you ever make. I am telling you to start listening to that friend of yours. Full disclosure, only listen to your friend about this topic. They may not be able to provide sound advice on anything else. Just kidding! But seriously, make sure they know what they’re talking about on everything else. No matter what the age, there is something for everyone aboard a cruise ship. You’ll find them to be affordable, easy and fun. I’ll cover why each one of those things is true below. But first, let’s discuss a few initial details.

When looking up a cruise, you need to consider the cruise lines, the destination, the length of stay, and the time of year. The cruise line sets the tone of the trip. Picking Carnival means lots of fun in the sun, but Disney means a larger focus on kids. Although, each cruise line now has its own kids club. This means more “adult time” for all of us parents. The destination and length of stay are tied together. One or two stops can be done in a weekend which is great for a little getaway. However, you’ll need at least a week if you are visiting several Caribbean islands. Finally, research the weather. This is more important when traveling by ship. Hurricane season is no joke and no fun. Also, you don’t want to get sea sick on the trip of a life time. Bon Voyage!

A is for Affordable

I would like to thank Sesame Street for the title of this section. I wouldn’t have been able to write it without them. A is definitely for affordable when talking about cruises. First off, you pay one flat price. That price includes your room and food. Think of it as an all-inclusive, floating hotel. After that, what you spend is up to you. I suggest pre-purchasing the drink package and any excursions. You’ll save a little money by being proactive. The only other expenses come with how you get to the dock. Some people drive while others fly. Also, you may have to pay for one or two nights at a hotel. It all depends on where you’re located in the world and where you want to travel to. Also, I suggest travel insurance here too. It’s optional, but extremely worth it.


The ease of cruises are undeniable. Once you arrive onboard, you only have to unpack once. That’s it. All you have is a bunch of uninterrupted fun. Imagine how nice it is to see ten countries and never have a different room. You wake up and go to sleep in the same bed every night. The majority of your meals are covered as well. The only time you pay for a meal is when you are off the boat exploring. It gets even easier when you book your excursion from the ship. It may not always be the cheapest, but it does provide a round-trip transfer to and from the ship. You will always get back in time before the boat leaves. Also, the ships have every amenity known to man. Whatever you need, just ask the concierge. It’s that simple.

Cruises Are Your Way

When I say there’s something for everyone, I really mean there’s something for everyone. Each person can choose their own itinerary. It doesn’t matter if you’re by yourself or with 100 people. I’ve known some people to lounge by the pool the entire time. And, that’s okay! It’s their vacation, and they can do whatever they want. Others, like myself, are trailblazers. We want action and adventure. We leave the boat and our worries behind. The activities for each age group are staggering. Each cruise line has a Kids Club similar to a daycare. The activities are specially tailored for each age group. For adults, excursions range from specific activity levels and interests. You can scuba dive or take a stroll on the beach. I would include age too, but I’ve seen quite a few grandparents on jet-skies. No matter what your tastes, remember to cruise how you want to.

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