What’s a sherpa

People ask me all the time, what’s a Sherpa? A Sherpa is a guide that helps people navigate the Himalayas. They are most famous for helping people reach the top of Mount Everest and K2. A Sherpa will carry most of the supplies and gear for the climbers and hikers that hire them. Since they live in the mountains, the extra baggage is not a problem. They naturally enjoy life and are fun to be around. And, we thought we would name ourselves after them. Who wouldn’t want a happy go lucky travel guide?

meet the happy sherpa

My name is Taylor, and I am the founder of Happy Sherpa. A few years ago, I was bitten pretty hard by the travel bug. I have gone all over the world with friends, family and even all by myself. I’ve also made quite a few new friends along the way and still keep in touch with them. History, culture, art and food are all great to read about and watch on TV, but nothing beats experiencing all of that in person.

I’m just a guy looking to help people experience life. There are so many beautiful and interesting places in the world. I don’t believe that someone should stay stuck in their own little city. Even if they live in a metropolis, that metropolis is a small part of the Earth. My goal is to help as many people as possible experience the trips of their dreams. You want to go to Europe, I’ll get you there. You want to see the rising sun in Japan, I’ll help set your alarm so you don’t miss it. Bottom line, I’ll use my experiences as being a world traveler to help find where you want to go.

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Case study

Before she met me, my wife was scared to travel outside of California. She basically watched Taken one too many times I think. She also had concerns. She didn’t want to get lost, she didn’t know the language, the dog would miss her too much and the list went on and on. It took me a few months to convince her that a custom trip tailored for her tastes would be a great adventure. I planned the whole thing out and helped her put money aside each month to ensure our trip would become a reality.

I started out by asking her a few questions. And if I am being honest, she may have told me the answers to them before. I asked her where she wanted to go, what activities interested her, and how active did she want to be. We settled on going to Dublin, Ireland and Rome, Italy. We toured castles, drank our fair share of Guinness, walked in the footsteps of gladiators, ate a crazy amount of pasta and so much more. On top of that, she was never kidnapped. I guess I just have a very special set of skills.

So was it a success? Her smile in the picture below says it all, yes! Now she cannot wait to go on another.

Blarney Castle–Blarney, Ireland