My First Time Abroad! (Part 1)

Packing My Stuff

I remember my first time flying out of the country like it was yesterday. The excitement in the air was highly palpable. Lucky for me, most of my travel arrangements had been made through a study abroad program. I highly recommend these programs to everyone. All I was responsible for was booking my flight and packing my bags. Naturally, I did what any first time traveler/college student would do. Waiting until the last minute to pack seems like the best idea to anyone of that age. Not to toot my own horn or anything but, I am really good at packing. However, I always tend to forget at least one important thing. Neatly shoving all of my clothes into my suitcases, I placed them by the door on my way out for the night.

My Last Meal

Where was I going? I went to grab my “last meal” with some friends and family. Some good food and a little alcohol is a smart way to calm the nerves. I was still uncertain if I was going to make it back home. I had my fingers crossed that I would love London so much that I stayed there for good. It was a better option compared to thinking of a more darker alternative. I won’t say what it is because it is bad luck. I think you know what I am talking about though. I also wanted to confirm that I had people that would come looking for me. I must confess. I have watched Taken one too many times. However, it is always good to know you have a Liam Neeson amongst your loved ones.

The Journey Begins

For my first time, the journey began by driving to LAX. It was a tense three hour drive as the anticipation and excitement started to build even more. I was lucky enough to break up the trip with an overnight stay at my Aunt’s house. However, I don’t remember sleeping at all. I just kept thinking of all the amazing sites I would see. My mother dropped me off at the airport bright and early (5 AM). I checked in with my ticket and went through security without a problem. And then, I sat for an hour or two waiting to board the plane.

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