My First Time Abroad! (Part 2)

The Plane

Admittedly, I packed a little too much on my carry on. I knew I would need something for the eleven hour flight from Los Angeles to London. Bringing a laptop, book, iPod, and some homework was definitely too much. None of those items saw the light of day. As I walked into the plane, I quickly found my seat. Next, I stowed my bags nicely in the overhead bin. Immediately, I noticed each seat had an entertainment system. Free entertainment seems to becoming the norm for airplanes these days. I watched a total of five movies from the list of select movies, games, music and books on my journey across the pond. In between movies, I ate my meals and walked around the plane a little bit. On long flights, I recommend everyone to get up and move. Check out pulmonary embolism on WebMD. It will scare you into thanking me later.

The Arrival

Stepping off of the plane and entering London Heathrow Airport can be quite intimidating. During the summer months, you step into a sea of people. London is one of the most visited cities in the world every year. Eventually, this sea parts into two lines. One line is for domestic residents and the other for foreign arrivals. First, I recommend you finding a water closet as you get off the plane. It took me three hours to get through customs. Saying that I really had to go would be an understatement. After you get through customs, you hit baggage claim. Once again, you are in a sea of people and suitcases. It can take a while for your luggage to show up. Finding the right carousel can be quite the mission. Staying calm and focused allowed me to get my bags.

Your Accommodations

Finally, I was faced with getting to my accommodations. Normally, it would be a hotel or maybe a hostel. This time, it was a dorm room. Luckily, the school had a bus arranged for me and my classmates. A select few took a taxi or the train. When traveling with a group, I prefer to always stay with the pack. It can take longer having to wait for everyone, but I know I will always end up where I am suppose to be. Upon arriving to Regent’s College, I placed my bag in my dorm and set out for dinner. I had always heard of jet lag and was eager to fight it. I knew if I went to bed after 9 PM, I would be better off adjusting to the time change.

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