Weekend Getaways

Weekend BeachThe Weekend

The weekend is a time for fun and relaxation. It can include backyard BBQs, hanging out poolside, or staying in to watch movies. You don’t always have to stay home though. Done right, you can make the most of your weekend travel plans. Living in Fresno, I have the luxury of being a few hours’ drive from anywhere. I can visit the mountains, the central coast, southern California, and the Bay Area. It’s all a two to three-hour drive from my home. Now I know what some of you are saying, “Sherpa, this is nothing but a pipe dream. I work on my weekends.” I’m telling you to take your work with you. Seriously, wouldn’t a view of the waves crashing on the sand be better than a dark, stuffy office? I think so. Now go pack your bags and hit the road. You wouldn’t want to keep the weekend.

Where to Travel

Next, you need to figure out where to go. However, this is not always the easiest part. The place needs to be a short flight or car ride away. I like to stick to my three-hour rule. If I have to travel more than three hours, then a weekend is enough time to visit. If you really want to travel somewhere farther than that, tell your boss you think you’ve caught a cold. Cough, cough. Sick days are meant to be used people. Other than that rule, where you travel is based on what you want to do. There are plenty of things. You can go to a concert, take a cruise, catch a game, relax at a spa, enjoy nature, etc. The possibilities are endless. My personal favorites are the beach, camping, and sporting events. They all involve good people, good food and lots of fun.

Our Experience

Recently, the family and I went on a little road trip. As a side note, I should warn everyone. This section gets a little too first-time dad. However, I cannot help that my daughter is better than everyone else’s child. This wasn’t anything very fancy. Us and a couple of friends took in a baseball game one night and visited the beach the following morning. It was extremely nice since we all got to escape the hot weather. Crazy enough, I had to root for the Giants even though I am a Dodger fan. It benefitted our playoff berth. All things considered, the Giants finally manned up and won a game, so it was a good night. It was also my daughter’s first baseball game. She really loved seeing the field, the stadium and all of the people. For some of the fans, she was more entertaining than the game.

The following morning was spent in Half Moon Bay. If you have never been, I suggest going. It has that small-town beach vibe. If you’re curious about what it looks like, watch the movie Chasing Mavericks. With the car packed, everyone headed to the beach. My wife and I were extremely excited as it was our daughter’s first time visiting the beach. The look on her face when her teeny, tiny toes touched sand for the first time made the trip. She was ecstatic! The other kids played in the sand and a little in the water. They are braver than me. The water in northern California is freezing cold. It pulls cold water in from arctic currents. Brrr! That didn’t stop us from at least putting our feet in though. You have to when you’re at the beach. All in all, it was a great getaway! 

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