Break Time (Yosemite Family Vacation Day 4)

Break Mirror Lake/Half DomeExhausted Much?

If you’re allowed to take a break at work, then why can’t you take one on your vacation? Sometimes I feel like it is always go, go, go. That necessarily doesn’t have to be the case. I’m not saying to give yourself two fifteen-minute breaks with an hour-long lunch. However, I think it’s something every parent strives to accomplish. That and undisturbed bathroom breaks. But in all seriousness, vacations are intended to be an escape from work. You need to trim some fat off your itinerary in order to kick back and take a break. That is exactly what my wife and I did on Day 4. Sadly, it did not start out that way. We were a little too ambitious.

Waking up at 5 AM does have its perks. I was able to wash all the bottles and dishes, eat breakfast, clean up our campsite a little and ready the stroller. We wanted to get one more hike in before the end of the trip and beat the midday heat. Afterwards, we would simply relax. This seemed like a perfect way to start the day. We chose to walk to Mirror Lake. However, it was more like Mirror Pond with the low water level. For those of you who haven’t been to it, the lake is crystal clear. On clear days with the right water level, you can see the reflection of Half Dome on the lake! The hike is about four miles from Housekeeping Camp, and it’s mostly a flat, paved road. Unfortunately, it’s not very shaded. That’s a huge problem when trying to stay out of the heat.

The Hot Hike

As the sun started to beat down on us, my wife and I’s main concern was our daughter. We had to make sure she did not over heat or get attacked by mosquitos. It’s a tall order for anyone in a forest. Still recovering from the prior day’s hike, we didn’t mind taking a break here and there. Our personal favorite is a snack break. It keeps the hangry away. Making our way to the lake was not bad at all. There was lots of conversation and laughter. All good things to have amongst family. I definitely had a protective dad moment though. The last part of the hike is a very steep hill. Bikes are not even allowed up there. I held on tight to the stroller while wishing I had something to tie myself to it.

Once at the lake, we opted to not swim and just people watch. The nurses in the group had a pool on whether this kid was going to break his neck. He decided to do backflips off of a rock into five feet of water. It was gut wrenching to watch, but he survived. After we had our fill, we decided to head back. The temperature started to rise into the 80s. It felt more like 100oF to be honest. Disaster struct again as our snacks could no longer prevent us from being hangry. We speedily walked back to camp to cool off and eat our lunch. The baby got a little sponge bath to prevent her from overheating. Although, she thinks bath time is more like a spa day.

Let’s Take a Break

Before we clocked out for the day, we needed finish a few things. First, we ate lunch. Second, we took a shower to help us cool off and relax. And finally, we did a little pre-packing. Next, it was time for a siesta. A thirty-minute nap does wonders for your energy level. With our batteries recharged, we were ready to hang out around camp. We sat next to the fire, had a couple drinks, listen to some music, and ate some delicious food. All in all, it was a great evening for camping. It’s one of those times where you need to live in the moment. I didn’t worry about loading the car in the morning, the drive home, or the mountain of laundry waiting for me. All I thought about was how much fun I was having. Not something someone usually thinks about during their lunch break at work.

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