Grenada: My All-Inclusive Honeymoon Adventure (Part 3)

Adventure River Tub'NThe Spirit of Adventure

There is something about traveling that makes me want to experience a little adventure. I just cannot stay put in one place for too long. Luckily, I have a wife that understands my sickness. Taking one day to experience a little bit of Grenada never hurt anybody. Well, one of the guys on the tour ran into a few rocks. Don’t worry though, he was wearing a helmet. My one tour I selected included a ride around the island, sulking in hot springs and river tubing. This wasn’t your mother’s minivan we were riding in. It was a converted army truck. This eight-hour adventure of a tour is filled with a little bit of everything. Before we started, Kerry the Butler packed us an ice chest full of refreshments. The three other couples on the truck were definitely jealous to say the least. Fortunately for them, we like to share.

First, we learned about the island and its people. Also, we drove through every town on the island. My favorite is still St. Georges. There is something about being able to snorkel at any time of day and not have to worry about sharks. Then, the tour guide discussed the island’s flora and fauna. Did you know that bananas don’t grow on trees? Consequently, plants are a major topic for Grenada. It is the Spice Island after all. The good news is I now know how to make Resin and Mace. The hot springs were delightful and did not smell. My wife and I walked out with new shiny skin. Our favorite part was the river tubing. It is a very calm and relaxing  experience, and you get free Rum Punch at the end. That’s my kind of adventure.

The Entertainment

Nightlife is nothing without a little entertainment. The Sandals Resort had something for every night. The entertainment crew does a fantastic job with keeping the guests entertained after the dinner hour. There is a live band every night, each with its own theme. To add to the ambiance, there are specialty dessert nights, a beach party, Rum tastings, dance lessons, etc. Which night was my favorite? It is a toss-up between the chocolate night and the beach party. The chocolate martinis were absolutely delectable. However, drinking rum and coconut water straight from a coconut feels like a once in a lifetime experience. My favorite music night was undeniably Reggae Night. It is the Caribbean after all. However, my wife really loved Grenada Night with its singing and dancing combination. Whatever your preference may be, I guarantee there is something for you to love and enjoy.

The Honeymoon is Over

Now, I don’t mean the happiness and excitement is leaving the relationship. But, the end of the week did leave us with some questions. Like, why does it have to end? And, can’t we stay here forever? I seriously debated these two questions with my wife on our last day in Grenada.  Furthermore, I calculated the exact price it would take to live on the resort with butler service year-round. It is roughly $60 to $70 thousand a year. That doesn’t seem so bad considering it’s an all-inclusive resort. In all seriousness though, leaving the resort is tough. Sandals not only makes you feel like royalty, but the resort itself holds special memories close to your heart. It’s not a place where you either hate it or love it. You truly love the resort and the island. It’s the main reason my wife and I will someday visit Grenada again.

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